Preface 2023

Preface – magazine 2023

A contemporary magazine feeds upon dynamism and vigour. It instantly perceives the inputs deriving from the readers and evolves, offering its best at all times. Thus, absolute readiness to live virtuous metamorphoses.

This is our case. We have become a quarterly magazine. That allows us to promote two needs, which on a journalistic side, always walk together. On the one hand, the cyclic nature of time shifts, the feeling of the changing seasons, and the arrival of new and qualified collaborators. On the other, the necessity to employ, at one’s best, a time frame that requires in-depth analysis to seep intensively and extensively into all the questions tackled.

The three-month frequency seems the optimal commitment for such intersecting urgencies.

That way, the editorial work – which, for us, is the compass of our job – can benefit from a longer span without losing the tension of being constantly on the current events.

From the start, we have not chosen the most used trail that considers food a world to burn at once, priding the trends of the moment. Our route refers to the real universe of food made of culture, history, human quality and excellence.

We will not ditch our main route. Instead, the quarterly basis will help us reach our scopes more smoothly. We profoundly feel that many connected moments create the universe of food: the production, at source, as an affirmation of identity; the art of the preparation; the philosophy and the taste responsible for consumption. We want to add a final qualifying element: the untamed desire to express and share the genuine pleasure of experiencing food as history and as a daily adventure.


Franco Banchi, Director

Nicoletta Arbusti, Editor