Natural bodybuilding and balanced nutrition.

Natural bodybuilding and balanced nutrition.

Our body is a sacred place. We need to cure, love and protect it.

Natural bodybuilding was born in contraposition to classic bodybuilding. It consists literally of natural muscular development in the true sense: steroids and performance-enhancing substances are taboo. Musculature grows thanks to balanced nutrition and structured training. It originates in opposition to bodybuilding. Its definition is summarized correctly in the German Natural Body Building & Fitness Federation, according to which we should see this type of physical activity as a lifestyle. A sport whose approach stands on four principles: Training, Healthy Nutrition, Perseverance and the Scientific Method.

Nutrition in natural bodybuilding is central.

Apart from physical activity, nutrition determines 70% of training success, which, for such reason, is the basis of natural bodybuilding. Those who practice this sport are incredibly careful about the following three aspects.

Excess of calories in the mass phase

In the mass phase, dedicated to muscle growth for the bodybuilder, it becomes essential to assume more calories through proteins and fat. After all, muscles need the energy to grow in volume.

Sufficient proteins for muscular development

Muscle cells contain proteins, and for such reason, athletes who want to gain muscular mass should take them every day through food. The minimum quantity is 1,5-2 g per Kg of lean muscle fat. The best protein source is eggs, poultry, bluefish, salmon, but there are even vegetable alternatives such as beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, and soy products.

In the case of high protein intake, drinking plenty of water during the day and preferably eating raw vegetables becomes necessary to alkalize our body as much as possible.

 A varied and balanced diet

The body needs fats and proteins to intensify muscular growth. A healthy and genuine diet is fundamental to becoming a natural bodybuilder and, in general, for any sportsperson.

We must thus underline how important it is to follow healthy nutrition together with a proper workout, aimed not only at the looks, which, today, are sometimes exasperated but also at living in health since eating well is the long-life elixir.

What do we mean by eating well? There are many currents of thought in this regard.

I have tried it on myself, and I can declare that we are talking about science. Our body needs “nature”: everything we find in nature helps us stay well, beginning with fruit, vegetables, honey, meat, fish and eggs.

I prefer fresh foods, safe and local products: this is the watchword. Eliminating gluten and dairy or reducing their consumption is fundamental.

We need to get back to when our ancestors (the homo sapiens) did not have anything to eat but meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and berries.

Alas, food intolerances speak for themselves as health and appearance. Eating food with a low glycemic index helps us be energetic, less filled out, more reactive in training and everyday life. Gluten is per se a negative protein clump, joined to many pathologies, even tumours, not only in celiac people. In nature, don’t the birds peck wheat? Isn’t it fantastic?

White meat, fish and eggs give us the suited proteic supply to stay in shape, in addition to carbs and good sugars, such as those found in fruits, vegetables, and rice, too. As for fats, they are vital, but good fats! For example, dried fruit, such as almonds, nuts, oily seeds, and olive oil.

We need to start eating well, and our skin will benefit from it. A rejuvenation process leads to tissue brightness and elasticity.

We can add to all this the daily training followed by a professional, and voilà, here is the secret! Let’s always remember that our body is the place we inhabit for a long time. We must love it!

I succeeded in reaching the roof of Europe in just two years. I have followed the lessons and science of my coach and developed a training method. But, most of all, I have understood the value of nourishment: I have adopted a lifestyle.

I share my passion and experience with the women I train, and I hope to have conveyed to all readers my message for a good life.